Tuesday, September 18, 2012

All Fall Down --- Day 255

Walk: USF, Fillmore Street, Mindful Body
Distance: 3 miles and teach yoga class

Too busy filling those 1000 holes I created in my space recently to write much.  It is my favorite time to year to shop; clothes call to me now.  The fabrics, clothes, cuts.  Next comes dark black, shiny, sparkles - the Holiday clothes, and you can probably imagine if you are a CIWT regular how much need and attraction I have for these.  After that is the Cruise collection, and, you know, same thing.  Blonds, redheads, wispy women and others who look good in sleeveless, pastel and all things sheer light up when Spring/Summer arrive.  I get utterly perplexed, flail around and usually don't get it right if I add anything at all to my wardrobe.  But then, mercifully,  Fall clothes come back.

So, off to add somethings to my closets,  accumulating for the next weed out.  And so it goes....

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