Tuesday, September 11, 2012

All that Jazz --- Day 248

Walk:  USF (Story of Jazz), Mindful Body, Marina
Distance: 3 miles and teach yoga class

Today was the first class on 'Story of Jazz.'  Basically we saw a documentary with clips of all the old Jazz personages and places: New Orleans (the Beginning), Kansas City, Chicago, Harlem, 52nd Street, Louis, Ella, Billie, Fats, Charlie, Dizzy, Benny, Duke, etc, etc.  It was great although a bit 'out of sync' to be watching at 10 a.m..

Don't know that I'll stay with the classes I signed up for, but it is an enjoyable week of checking them out. 

Then....I meet my fourth Table for 6 introduction tonight.  (My contract promises seven introductions in a year).  Needless to say I'd rather be watching Jeopardy. I'm sure he'd rather be doing his regular 6:30 routine as well.  So, off we go.....

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