Monday, September 10, 2012

Fromm Institute --- Day 247

Walk:  USF/Fromm, Western Addition Library
Distance: 5 miles

Darn, someone else already has this blog:

Must be at least as quirky as mine...

Today the first classes of the Fall semester began at Fromm Institute for Lifelong Learning, a "University within a University (USF)" offering daytime courses for retired adults over 50 years of age.  The courses are taught by men and women (often retired) who have expertise (and often renown) in the topic they offer.  I've signed up for a course on the Supreme Court (as well as 4 other courses) taught by William B Turner, and the first lecture today was highly intelligent and informative.  This is understandable since the professor is a retired lawyer who argued before the Supreme Court three times, graduated and taught at Harvard Law, taught at UC Berkeley School of Journalism, etc, etc..  Don't know if Fromm - or which courses of the ones I enrolled in - is/are for me, but I'll go to the first classes this week and decide.  The continuing smorgasbord of San Francisco....

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