Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hourglass - Not the Figure --- Day 259

Walk: Mindful Body, Marina Theater (End of Watch), Trader Joe's
Distance: 5 miles and teach yoga

Hello, Father Time.  I'm sort of wrestling with you in my mind right now.  Still teaching yoga where many of my students are 20-30 years younger and at the same time now taking a few classes with a 'sea' of elderly people, many of whom are on walkers, canes, or physically aged in other ways - but very mentally alert for the most part. I have a lot of solitude in my life, no children or grandchildren so not many markers of my age; meanwhile I'm still active/healthy and usually spend my time with those who are the same.  Now my sensibilities are confused for the moment/a while. A fitting season for such confusion in many ways.  And of course an appropriate confusion - unlike a website I found where people were writing about their fears of aging: thinning hair, wrinkles, being alone, losing their looks.  When I first got to the site, I thought "Oh, good, there might be some insight here or at least kindred spirits."  Then I saw the ages of the participants in the conversation:  24, 26, even 21!  And they were already obsessed with aging.

PS - Liked End of Watch (movie).  Now to Rotten Tomatoes to read what other critics thought...

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