Monday, March 3, 2014

Maybe Don't Put a Cap on It --- Day 3/51

Walk: Agesong, Mindful Body
Distance: 2 miles and take yoga class

Ciwt always enjoys her perch in the critique seat during the Oscars.  (Unfortunately) she sees fewer and fewer Cher/Demi/Bork-type outfits meant to shock and amuse.  This year, not a single one it seemed.

What she did notice were several formal gowns with cap sleeves.  To Ciwt, cap sleeves mostly belong on tee shirts, young children, day time blouses and dresses. To her eye, cap sleeves mix metaphors.  Sometimes they hit women at a non-flattering part of the arm or create a bulky, and/or horizontal line look at the top of the gown which breaks up the flow.  Or they bring vestiges of a sporty tee shirt. Even Cate Blanchett's mesh cap sleeves, probably intended to be invisible and becoming to her arms, were a bit of a problem. The right sleeve had a fray around the hem that caught the lights and drew Ciwt's eye to it and away from her loveliness.

But, overall, even the most persnickety critics must be having a difficult time snarking about Worst Dressed.  The stars were out and they looked good.

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