Friday, March 7, 2014

Save the 3 --- Day 3/55

Walk: Mindful Body, Trader Joe's, Fillmore Street
Distance: 4 miles and take yoga class

If there is such a thing as a beloved bus line, we have one in our neighborhood.  It's called the
3 Jackson   It is known to be the safest, cleanest, most pleasant to ride bus around.  We on the line treasure it, and others who might get to destinations more directly on other lines voluntarily take the 3 for all the foregoing reasons.

Periodically the city tries to take away the 3.  Usually they make very public announcements with lots of lead time, and we have been able to defeat them.  This time, though, they only posted notices on the buses - shortly before they were going to eliminate the 3

When the nearly hidden announcement was seen, neighbors went into action - writing, calling, emailing, alerting as many others as they could.  Meeting after meeting was called, City officials were contacted again and again, people sported 'Save the 3 Jackson' pins - especially at meetings. 

CIWT is happy to report that at a SRO meeting a few evenings ago   we were told The City Will Keep the 3!  All those efforts, all that 3 love came through once again.
There are still important things to be worked out - hours, times between buses - so there will be more meetings, more buttons, more emails.  But the good news is neighbors came together and progress was made in a persistent, intelligent, calm, well-spoken, effective (yay!) way.    

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