Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quick Trip from Cool to Dork --- Day 3/73

Walk: Mindful Body
Distance: 10 blocks and teach yoga class

Yet another reason not to participate in those chain letter things:  You will feel horrible!  It will ruin at least your next week.

Ciwt got one from a friend who has recently had two cancer operations and just learned she needs another.  The chain letter asked that you send a favorite uplifting poem/quote to the person (the cancer survivor, remember) who sent you the letter and then on to 20 people (friends who wouldn't hate you as if there are even 20 people out there like that, friend or not).  The kicker was that the letter also said, if you couldn't do it, you needed to write back and say you weren't able to participate.  In my case, it meant 1. telling the cancer person I wouldn't do it thereby 2. ensuring that she would not receive 20 uplifting thoughts.

I checked on line to see if it was a known virus, my fingers kept stumbling on the keys, but finally I got the (almost) 20 copies sent. I did not dare explain for fear my original sender/friend might find out. Needless to say, I heard immediately from all my friends about 'insufficient computer skills,' 'having computer problems,' 'just do those things..'   Ie, the nicest, most politest Hate Mail.

Gawd, it was awful and Mia totally Culpa. So Ciwt says what you already know: Under No Circumstances participate in those chain letter things.

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