Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wrong Side of the Easel? --- Day 3/64

Walk: Opera Plaza Cinema (Gloria)
Distance: 1 mile

Henri Matisse, The Pierced Rock, 1920, O/c on artist’s paperboard, 14 7/8 x 18 inches

Henri Matisse, The Music Lesson, Two Women Seated on a Divan, 1921, o/c

Henri Matisse, Painter in the Olive Grove, 1922, o/c, 23 7/8 x 28 7/8 inches. 

Seems to Ciwt, sometimes even Matisse wasn't MATISSE, the graceful, often exuberant, pattern and light-loving, colorist.  But who knows what artistic quandaries he may have been examining and working through with these works.

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