Thursday, May 22, 2014

And the Art Goes On --- Day 3/130

Walk: Corte Madera, Sacramento Street, Trader Joe's
Distance: 2.5 miles and tiny yoga practice

Ciwt was really interested to see the similarities of two paintings in the current Intimate Impressionism show.  The first was by the Dutch landscape artist Johan Barthold Jongkind:

Most noteworthy here to Ciwt was that last sentence of the signage beside The Towpath:  Along with Eugene Boudin, Jongkind was an important influence on the young Claude Monet, who later in life, credited him with "the final education of my eye."  Because later in the show she encountered this painting which is excellent in its own right for the lighting, capture of feel, everyday subject matter - but also it seems to me, a supreme homage to an artist who attracted and taught the artist in him.

No mention of Jongkind in the signage, but surely he was there in Monet's hand and eye.

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