Monday, May 12, 2014

Walking Taller --- Day 3/120

Walk: Trader Joe's
Distance: 2.5 miles carrying very light bag of groceries (read on..)

So yesterday's perfectly synced day had one glitch:  At the end of my walk to and from the ballet with my pretty heavy binoculars in my shoulder gas -along with all the usual - my left knee was really really painful.  First time ever.  I was wearing a new pair of shoes so this morning I called the major European manufacturer to ask what they knew about knee pain and the particular model I was wearing.

Not too surprisingly - nothing.  They are in the long-time, well-respected business of walking shoes. Then I called the distributor to ask if they had any feedback/complaints/returns of the model. Nope.

Slowly it dawned, the problem might be Ciwt and how she walks.  Sure enough, I realized I was carrying a really heavy bag on my left shoulder and motoring along as I often do carrying groceries and other errand-related things.  Without thinking I adjust for the weight on my left shoulder like the person carrying the golf bag below: my shoulder comes up, my spine twists.  But what isn't shown here is that the twisting and compression travels all the way down through the left hip until the stress is absorbed by the torqued left knee.

Something to be aware of for those of you who do a lot of walking and carrying. Lighten and balance your load and pay attention to your posture to save your shoulder, neck, back, feet and knees.  As well as saving money on all those replacement shoes that aren't actually the problem.

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