Sunday, May 18, 2014

Why You Wanted To Painted by Renoir --- Day 3/126

Walk: Up and Down Stairs
Distance: ? and home yoga practice

                             Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Madame Henriot, ca 1876, 25 7/8in x 19 1/2in, o/c

The model, actress and friend of Renoir, Nini Lopez.  

Lest Ciwt not be cruel, it is known that Lopez was thrilled with all of Renoir's portraits of her.  She aspired to be an actress and was happy to have such exposure. Known for being serious and punctual, the young woman from Montmartre became Renoir's favorite model between 1875 and 1879, appearing in at least fourteen paintings.

The artist and model benefited each other with Lopez being highly instrumental in Renoir earning prestigious (and much needed!) commissions.  Renoir also had high hopes and protective wishes for Lopez and wished his work to bring her career and personal success - particularly a bourgeois marriage.  Alas Lopez rose only to a minor acting career and in 1877, much to the dismay of the artist and her mother, she married a third-rate actor in the Montmartre theatre and disappeared from his paintings.  But during the six years she posed for the artist, Nini Lopez  incarnated Renoir's feminine ideal, filled with happiness and joy of life.


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