Friday, June 6, 2014

Dark, Straight Up --- Day 3/144

Walk: Food Inc, Mindful Body, Clay Theater, Laurel Village
Distance: 3.5 miles and take yoga class

Dodging the wind, Ciwt went to the Polish movie, Ida, (trailer)  today.  Even though it's been at an indie theater a few blocks from here she wasn't intending to go; somehow the name 'Ida' conjured up a light-hearted or unserious affair.  But a friend from 'back home' recommended it.  Ciwt hadn't read up on it and went with only vague expectations - all wrong.  Ida is a seriously, seriously dark movie but without sentiment or melodrama.  Bleak - in many ways hopeless really - but with a true human heart and therefore engaging and watchable.  Very well acted, intriguing (artfully memorable) photography, fitting original score - a small masterpiece in Ciwt's opinion.

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