Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dragin Dragon --- Day 3/152

Walk: AMC Van Ness (How To Train Your Dragon 2)
Distance: 3.5 miles

How To Train Your Dragon 2

Ciwt steeled herself for an onslaught of kids and caught the early afternoon 3-D showing of How To Train Your Dragon.  As it turned out, she was one of the few people in the theater and most of them were adults.  Ciwt guesses the thumbs down must be out among the very young of San Francisco. The movie was perfectly pleasant and 'attractive,' but did little for/never involved Ciwt and sometimes rather annoyed her with its obvious attempts to be cute, or meaningful.  The best thing for Ciwt was the little, dark, green-eyed dragon, Toothless, who reminded Ciwt of her little dark, green-eyed cat, Tika.  

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