Friday, June 27, 2014

Well, if mice do it..... Day 3/165

Walk: Fillmore Street (Shell Service), Mindful Body
Distance: 2.5 miles and nice, deeply restoring yoga class

The New York Times has a "Fitness" column called The Well that Ciwt often finds reprehensible. Bad information, sensationalistic, relying on totally/essentially unreliable sources.  Yesterday's column is a case in point.  It lionizes the benefits of "pushing yourself" (read over-exerting, going way past your edge, endangering yourself, etc) when exercising.  The source of this recommendation is what Well declares to be "an enlightening new study."  Ie, completely unvetted study.  It goes on to say - and here's the best part: Though the study was conducted in mice...  

There you have it, a totally new study conducted on mice...Barely off who knows whose presses and Supported by The Well.

No!  Just No!!!

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