Sunday, June 8, 2014

Jack and Jill Went to the Movies --- Day 3/146

Walk: Sundance Kabuki (The Fault in Our Stars)
Distance: 2 miles, home yoga practice

Ciwt went to the Jack and Jill of movie openings this weekend.  Edge of Tomorrow for Jack and The Fault in Our Stars for Jill.  Here's what Ciwt can tell you.

1. Both are good. Restrained in the midst of over-the-top circumstances. Intelligent. Involving.
2. Tom Cruise - his whole off-screen life not withstanding - is a major star/screen presence.  Edge of Tomorrow is a well crafted, witty, sci fi/computer game, end of the world at hand kind of thing. You know the drill.  Except you don't know the - to Ciwt - maturity in Tom Cruise's acting.  He was mellow! (Mostly), with modulated voice (no yelling with spit), Ironic, Slightly wrinkled with even a tiny pot belly.  And they were all becoming to him and compelling to watch.  I know his bread and butter is adventure movies for teenage boys, but I hope he sprinkles in some grown up fare.  Based on this movie, Ciwt thinks he could be very good and would enjoy going to see him.
3. That said, he does look different.  Quite different. From time to time Ciwt almost felt she was watching ...John Edwards.
4. Shailene Woodley (The Fault in Our Stars) is an excellent, watchable actress.
5. A whole theater of teenage boys is much easier (for Ciwt) to take than a theater filled with teenage girls.  The boys are Action Jackson around the theater before the movie but totally quiet when the movie begins.  The girls stay seated but fill the room with constant high-pitched shrieks and non-stop loud talking before and after the movie.  The theater looks fine when teenage boys leave it.  Today for The Fault...there were three rows of girls who came together and, when they left, the floor around them was completely strewn with popcorn and empty cups.  Sorry if this offends... Plus Ciwt pleads guilty and confesses she was once just like those girls.

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