Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Housecleaning --- Day 3/163

Walk: Petaluma, Fillmore Street
Distance: 1 mile

Ciwt took time out to consider her finances today.  What about real estate as an investment?  Even if she could afford investment property she believes she'd take a pass.  When Ciwt was much younger and property was much cheaper, she took on a few small real estate investments, and oh the energy it took.  Tenant issues, repairs, the IRS combing through every line, audits, commissions.  Even as a realtor herself at the time, it was Constant commotion, wrangling, pulling things out.  She came out ahead (which she still believes is possible no matter how crazy high prices get in San Francisco) and is grateful for the earnings she could to use to buy her present home.  But, oh boy, it's a young person's - or a young Ciwt's - game. And Now it is no game at all!  Real estate is an intense, serious, stressful, competitive business - even, as I said - if you could find a good property and afford to take it on.

Many of the same things apply for Ciwt to that fantasy of a 'country property' (or city one if you live in the country). As Dustin Hoffman's Graduate advisor might whisper now,  "Rentals." Rentals anywhere in the world that interest, for as long or short as you want if you want.

Things, understandings and needs change as we go on.  There is a great poem Ciwt can't locate right now but will about the homes and possessions we accumulate or wish for when we are young that ends with a line something like "Now that I am older, give me freedom at any price.."

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