Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fear No Bathing Suit (Maybe...) --- Day 3/212

Walk: Geary Blvd, Clement Street
Distance:  3.5 miles and teach yoga class

For some reason (maybe to just get away from it all for a moment), Ciwt will call your attention to something that was just brought to her  attention.   Coolsculpting.  Have you heard of it? Apparently it is a non-surgical procedures which disappears excess body fat by freezing it and letting your body release it naturally over time.  And, speaking of time, they say there is no downtime involved.

If it works Ciwt - as a person and a yoga teacher/practitioner - is happy for the people who can benefit from it.  Seems to her So much safer and easier than liposuction or tummy tuck.  Or at least a safer, easier way to begin to reduce fat that gets in the way, depresses, eats into self-confidence. Then, if you aren't pleased with the results...

No recommendation here; she hasn't researched the procedure.  Probably a good example of when Dr. Internet can be very useful.

Now, if they could just freeze the aging cells......

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