Sunday, August 24, 2014

Open on Sunday --- Day 3/223

Walk: Pacific Heights
Distance: 2.75 miles and home yoga practice

So Ciwt was contemplating going to some open houses this sunny Sunday in the quasi-country of close in Marin and the quasi-wilderness of West Marin.  Then she thought (for the millionth time) about her country and wilderness skills.

Truth told, Ciwt likes horses when they've been saddled, lawns after they've been groomed, food grown by others and then cooked and served.  She believes in 'buy and hold' and likes the maintenance done by those who are skilled at such things as repairs and house cleaning.  Machines that wash dishes and laundry suit her well as does canned (rather than homemade) pet food and vets close by.  Fallen trees would completely mystify and upset her as would prowlers and neighborly neighbors.

Movement is on Ciwt's 'essentials' list as long as it is healthy, renewing and can be done on her own.  No clubs, finding partners or opponents, setting dates. No running away from territorial crows and bees much less mama bears. Certainly no long stretches and regular games with people around golf courses. Skiing was good, but, Boy, did that take work from pros - resort owners, lift operators, snow blowers and snow cats all night long - so Ciwt could enjoy her groomed runs. And no thank you to snowshoeing, or camping or even hiking in storms of any type.

'Hardy' 'Out-doorsy' Ciwt is gradually admitting to herself she likes safety, security, comfort, convenience, variety and of course walkability - all with quite a bit of style and lots of lovely light. Which brings her to her life right in her own home. She realizes (once again) there is really no need to go to open houses in the 'country,' so she puts on a hat and dark glasses and slips out incognito for awalk around her neighborhood. There she sees some delightful groomed nature and (closed) city houses.


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