Saturday, September 19, 2015

No Dancing Monkey, LA --- Day 4/233

Walk: Laurel Village, Sacramento Street, Clay Theater (Black Mass)
Distance: 2 miles and home yoga

 LA Trip 2 gave Ciwt an opportunity to observe the area more.  On the drive to the Getty VillaImage result for drive along highway one to getty villa she finally got to see the ocean Image result for drive along highway one to getty villa, and it combined with the balmy air and sunshine was somewhere between uplifting and restful. In other words, nice.  (Here in San Francisco we don't often get that easiness because we're occupied with the wind and the cold).

Another thing Ciwt enjoyed seeing was how some of the museum women put themselves together. Not 'urban/black' like many of us in San Francisco Image result for urban black pants outfits but more festive and free, a little ethnic.
Flowy, printed pants and sandals .Image result for los angeles printed Indian pants Related imageLoose tops.  Looked feminine and comfortable.  (But she also saw a lot of fashion mistakes from these same ingredients Image result for los angeles printed Indian pants as well as tons and tons and tons of beach type wear which seemed to be pretty much the uniform Related image Related image).

And of course, cars, cars, cars, the real things as well as this marvelous kinetic sculpture by Los Angeles Artist Chris Burden. (Metropolis II, Now at LACMA)

As she continued to look around she found this blurb on Buzzfeed* which echoed the thoughts of her good friend who lives on the East Coast but has a son in Los Angeles.  According to Ciwt's friend, LA is about walking around and encountering small, completely unexpected or riveting storefronts, events, food combinations, behaviors.  Delightful surprises.

*Yeah and Los Angeles isn’t a monkey here to dance for you. Put some effort into it. 

Los Angeles rewards exploration. Small cafes, independent book shops and art galleries, awesome music stores, the best movie going experiences in the country, year-round farmers markets, live music for all tastes, a great variety of cultures and foods, an amazing public library system, loads of significant architecture, great parks, plentiful sporting events, amazing street food, the most interesting magic/burlesque scene, arts colonies, urban agriculture, historic sites, experimental theater… 
Yeah, and there is Brunch. Brunch is awesome too. But there is also the ruins of nazi come hippie commune along a river with a waterfall you could check out off of Sunset too. You just have to put in some effort.

Buzzfeed Community posted on Aug. 31, 2013, at 8:30 a.m.

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