Saturday, September 12, 2015

Taking Time --- Day 4/226

Walk: Up and Down Ciwt's stairs
Distance: ? and home yoga

Los Angeles, Part 2: Museums is coming up for Ciwt on Tuesday. So she spent today getting organized; that's three days ahead.  Maybe it's because she doesn't travel much actually (imaginary trips excluded), but Ciwt cannot understand people who pack at the very last minute.  The most extreme examples she can think of are a woman she went to an evening art event with who was going to Berlin, Germany for three weeks the following day - and hadn't begun to even think about what she was going to bring.  Even more last minute was a stranger years ago who kept everyone in Ciwt's Super Shuttle waiting because she was upstairs in her house packing.

Ciwt may have inherited her pre-trip style from her grandmother.  After the Christmas holidays she and Ciwt's grandfather would spend the rest of the winter in Florida.  All Fall after returning from the Lake House there would be open steamer trunks in her Town House packing room into which she would slowly and methodically add items. Then the trunks would be transported to a Pullman car for the journey South.  She did not fly - ever; lucky woman..

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