Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fine(ish) Art --- Day 4/245

Walk: Driving Day
Distance: Couple of blocks, home yoga

BFA.  Bachelor of Fine Arts. Fine Artist.  Ciwt finally got around to researching the term Fine Art.
And she wasn't particularly satisfied with the results.

At some point (undetermined) in the history of art a distinction was made between objects produced for their usefulness (crafts) and those produced solely for aesthetic purposes (fine art). She can only imagine all the academic debates that have gone on regarding those distinctions ever since.

What about fancy type set which is beautiful put also serves a purpose? What about other cultures beyond Europe and the US where arts and crafts are revered for their intertwining of art and craft and nature?  Japanese gardens come to mind along with Chinese ceramics, jade carving, weaving and embroidery?  What about cave paintings which are thought to be loving depictions of nature as well as ceremonial hunting invocations?

And in a totally modern sense, what about the work of rock star cinematographer Roger Deakins Ciwt was discussing yesterday?  His technical precision with his cameras is certainly useful, essential actually to movie making. So, it is craft.  Yet his cinematography intentionally rises to the level of pure aethetics, becomes integrated into the artistic look and effectiveness of the entire movie.  So, it is fine art.

The murkiness and questions go on and on to the point where Ciwt imagines Fine Art is now a left over term used nearly exclusively in Western academic settings.  So, there you have it - sort of.....

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