Friday, February 19, 2016

Cleaning Up the Year --- Day 4/365 (4 Years, Every Day!!!)

Walk: Hi Tech Nails (Finally!)
Distance: 8 Blocks, Just About to Do Home Yoga after today's celebratory post

Pierre Bonnard, Nude in the Bath and Small Dog, 1941-46, oil on canvas, 
48x59 1/2"  (Image copied from MoMA catalogue 1981)

Ciwt went to the Legion's Bonnard show Painting Arcadia expecting an easy viewing.  That is, she has seen and liked - for their colors and easy, patterned intimacy - Bonnard paintings since college and thought she would be simply pleased to encounter a bunch of them together.

Instead the experience unsettled Ciwt.  Bonnard was more complicated - dark, unhappy, starkly realistic if you will.  The life he records is not the warm homebody togetherness his gorgeous colors promise.  Even the cute and nearby pets seem detached.  Hmmm.  Back to the drawing boards with her thinking and research.

Before going ahead with that though, Ciwt wants to share a peculiar association she made at some point in the show, particularly when she came upon its bathroom/bathing section.  Ready?   Bonnard and Bush.  Remember those Bonnard animals from yesterday and today's bather and then remember these images of George W. Bush's paintings (some of which were first released to the world by the hacker known only as Guccifer.



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