Monday, February 29, 2016

Maybe cut out that slit --- Day 5/10

Walk: Hood
Distance: 1 mile and home yoga


  Kerry Washington - Oscars 2016 

Lots of nice looking dresses at the Oscars last night, so Ciwt can't have fun dissing.  But she can comment on a few things that do nothing for her. 1. The slit* that goes all the way up to what must by gym shorts or something and reveals a not particularly attractive part of the female anatomy: thighs.
2. Slits that reveals a bare chest - on flat chested stars. 3. Beige lace with black underpants. 4. Pants that draw the eye directly to the crotch.

In a very competitive field, this is Ciwt's choice for Best (ie, most becoming) Dressed:

*Warning: Don't look in Urban Dictionary for current use of this word.

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