Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Other Twin --- Day 5/4

Walk: Legion of Honor (Bonnard show)
Distance: A Few Blocks (but museum floors can be brutal on feet), small yoga

Pierre Bonnard, Portrait of the Bernheim Brothers, 1920 Oil on canvas

Here are Bonnard's dealer/'friends.' They are twins but Ciwt was interested that one twin is painted prominently with detail about his looks whereas his brother in the rear looks a bit like a diminutive wooden dummy.

Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947), La Loge, 1908, Huile sur toile

Then she saw another of Bonnard's paintings of the brothers - actually commissioned by them for the home they shared.  Look what has happened to that 'dummy' brother in this one!  Ciwt can't help but wonder what Bonnard was up to; whether he had some unspoken problems with this brother. Bonnard was always the psychologist often interested in estranged intimacy and the secrets and hidden things that surrounds it.  

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