Sunday, October 2, 2016

Yoga Time --- Day 5/225

Walk: No, watchng Ryder Cup 
Distance: 0, Home Yoga

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Maybe Ciwt is like the woman in the front here, going one way when the yoga crowd goes another. But after years of doing and teaching 90 minute yoga classes, she began finding that 30 minutes of yoga worked well for her personal practice.

At first she felt guilty, a bit strange and contrary, so she paid attention.  Back? Check.  Legs?  Check.
Rhythmic breathing? Check.  Standing, Seated, Lying Down, Twisting?  Check, check,...She addressed all the important parts of herself including her sense of "completeness," and, almost always she had reached that point in 30 minutes.  Or sooner.

And it worked so easily: at home, whenever she felt like practicing, wearing whatever she felt like, same with hair/looks - on a daily basis.  Usually it also felt right to do a (whole!) hour or more once or twice a week.  But that took more time, and half an hour daily doing the poses that called to her was - and is - totally workable.  No talking herself into that half hour, putting it off, feeling guilty.  If it just lasted 5-10 minutes, well, okay - she was still getting healthful yoga benefits.

For a (bit of) lifelong exercise addict, this was unnerving for Ciwt at first.  She waited for her clothes to stop fitting, or anxiety, sleeplessness or overall lack of fitness and inability to climb the stairs to her home to set in.


Then she began noticing that some of her big name teacher contemporaries and correspondents - ones who gave teacher trainings and produced best-selling videos - were (quietly) referring to 10-15-30 minute home practices.

Makes sense to Ciwt, although she wouldn't have thought so a few years ago, and would have thought such thinking was essentially weird, even dangerous, when she was young.

PS - Walking is still Ciwt's 'thing' - maybe yours is swimming, bike riding/spinning, or...

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