Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ciwt's (And Your) Gigantic Garden --- Day 5/224

Walk: Presidio
Distance: 6.5 miles, Home Stretch

Remember when Ciwt was feeling sorry for herself because she didn't have her very own marvelous garden?  (See CIWT Fantasy Gardening 2/133 if it doesn't jump immediately to mind).

Well today, after over 35 years living right next to the Presidio and walking it often, she stumbled on a good 50 acres of groomed wilderness paths, glorious views, flocks and flocks of white pelicans, a coyote den (according to the signs), grazing goats, solitude and then a world class art exhibit* right near the world class Golden Gate Bridge.  At no point was she further than 2 miles from her home. AND, she still doesn't have to do anything to maintain any of it.

* Perhaps more later.  She went out today expecting a short little hike, so now her legs and feet are saying "Rest!"


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