Saturday, February 4, 2017

Les Vetements --- Day 5/348

Walk: Vogue Theater (Lion), Hood errands
Distance: 3 miles and small yoga

Be not afraid of Paris fashion.  This is Ciwt's advice after her recent trip.

At least not in winter.  Ciwt didn't encounter a single coat, boot, legging or sweater she found intimidating or any better than what she was wearing.  This was a bit unexpected; what she was expecting was a return to her post-college days when she worked for Time, Inc just off 5th Avenue.
Each lunch hour she'd walk over to the avenue and just look at the parade of fashion, live and in the glamorous windows (Bonwits, Bendel's, Bergdorf Goodman...).  Always dazzling but also an act of courage because Ciwt would feel So Discouraged!! at how beautiful so many of the people were and at the price of the clothes, jewelry, shoes she was looking at. Then there was the huge hair. Image result for suzy parker on fifth avenue It all seemed utterly unattainable, from another world which she couldn't imagine could ever be hers.

So going to Paris Ciwt was afraid she'd encounter that wide gap, that insurmountable distance, once again. But, no.  At least not in winter where Ciwt felt absolutely on a par: coat, boots, pants, same general look to to toe.

She wonders though about summer.  When she went shopping, Ciwt kept encountering garments she at first thought were nightgowns.  Then she realized they were blouses, or tunic sorts of things.  All girly-girly and probably worn in flowy-flowy, waistless layers over ripped legging jeans with the most feminine of (non) shoes and free, full hair.  A-too-feminine-for-words-with-lots-of-hair-and-no-foot-support look that Ciwt would not be able to accomplish in a thousand years. Image result for french women in frilly tunic tops

But, no problemme. Summer is steamy, the tourist crowds overwhelm, and Ciwt has already been - fashionably - to Paris this year.

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