Friday, February 3, 2017

Un Eclair and A Wheel of Brie, Please --- Day 5/347

Walk: Presidio
Distance: A few blocks, small yoga

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So today Ciwt will take a CPR training which, because part of her mind is still in Paris, makes her think about French food.  Specifically, how do they survive it?  It is incredibly delicious and, along with coffee, offered everywhere.  On a short block there might be 5 bakeries and 6 restaurants and they all seem perpetually busy.

Getting back to the CPR connection, everything is offered as if  tons of butter, cream, cheese, sugar, flour, chocolate, caffeine and alcohol are nutritious.  Nothing is made without an abundance of these ingredients, and people eat and drink them morning, noon, and night - whenever.  None of your calorie counting, avoiding sugar, watching for cholesterol, eating three squares at the appointed hours.

Weird but wonderful.  Even though Ciwt barely participated in the food extravaganza, her reaction when she took her first bite back in the States was "Wha...This is so tasteless." (But also healthy). Off now to CPR certification. (Tristement...).

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