Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Soldes in the Rain --- Day 5/352

Walk: Union Square, Fillmore Street
Distance: 2 miles and hours of trying on clothes

Image result for a bag of clothes

For fear of again being scorned for not being able to lift her suitcase into the overhead bin on her return flight, Ciwt considered mailing some of her things home.  But then she decided to leave some nice but weighty and no longer completely necessary clothes in Paris.  Hopefully the maid in the charming hotel will enjoy them.  Or her daughter as Ciwt is pretty small.

Cutting down on weight also meant Ciwt needed to forgo the famous Paris winter sales - or soldes. So, today, feeling restless and maybe a little deprived, Ciwt braved San Francisco's on-going storm situation  Image result for shopping san francisco in the rain and went to some local stores where weight was not an issue and hopefully a few sale items were left. Tomorrow as the rains and wind continue to rage she will optimistically tackle her spring wardrobe and continue to debrief about her Paris trip.  A bientot (til then).....

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