Sunday, June 25, 2017

Handy Around the House - I'll Say!!! ---- Day 6/125

Walk: Inverness, CA (JD Blunk Private House Tour)
Distance: Small walk around house and grounds, small yoga

Today Ciwt is feeling particularly unhandy around the house after touring the home of Northern California craftsman/woodworker, J.D. Blunk (1926-2002).  The entire house is a work of art - and virtually all that art was crafted - or just found and admired - by Blunk.  Ciwt's pictures tell a little of the story, but you can learn and see more about Blunk and his house at his website

Perfectly round rock found by Blunk in a Northern California river.  People have been looking for others for decades with no luck.

Entrance stone arch now covered in moss

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