Thursday, August 3, 2017

Medium: Travertine; Artist: Nature --- Day 6/164

Walk: Mill Valley, PGCC 
Distance: 8 blocks maybe, small home yoga

After a 'demanding' day of major shopping Spanish lunch with beautiful shopping advisor/friend, and tropical-themed cocktail party at her club, Ciwt felt the need for a beautiful image.  And look what she found!  

Turns out it's Pamukkale.  Ciwt hadn't heard of it, but maybe you have; it's Turkey's most visited attraction and a Unesco World Heritage Site.  

Here's a little information: There are dramatic travertine terraces dotted all around the globe, from China to Iran, the USA to Afghanistan. But nowhere else in the world can visitors enjoy exploring both picturesque travertine formations, built up over the millennia from limestone deposited by the abundant hot springs, and the colonnaded streets, temples, bath houses, necropolis and theatre of the remains of an idyllically located Greek-Roman spa city, Hierapolis. You can even bathe, as the Romans once did, in a picturesque pool filled with warm (around 36C), mineral rich waters and swim amongst submerged columns of great antiquity.

Maybe like Ciwt you're happy just looking at the photo.

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