Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Welcome Home --- Day 6/190

Walk: PGCC for bridge
Distance: Not Far, Small Yoga  (Still coming home)

So, driving out to her old home town, Ciwt was thinking of Lake Street (above and below)

Hart's Cafeat the beginning of town. 

Then  the movie theater   
and Great Northern Depot in the middle of town

.And Meyer Brothers Dairy which marked the end of town  

She knew things would be different, but she wasn't expecting the complete and total transmodrification she encountered.

The new 'Hart's' is the clock tower building here 

Lake Street is huge, high, greatly expanded to accommodate banks, brokage and real estate firms:


She would show you Meyer Brothers Dairy, but it is long gone and replaced by this:

 a condominium project Ciwt assumes.

She's not sure because she spent about one minute driving the shortest possible distance down Lake Street until she could hop the next freight train out of town (ooops, now they call it a City).


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