Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Boxing Day --- Day 6/309

Walk: Vogue Theater (The Darkest Hour)
Distance: 1.4 miles, sweep sidewalk, PT, Pedal

All the windows have been opened on Ciwt's advent calendar and, even after staring at the cute kittensnfor 24 days,  Ciwt made it through without adopting a new cat.  So, that's that for Christmas 2017.  Easy actually and filled with heartwarming Christmas tales from friends. Three in particular:

1. A friend of Ciwt's writes young adult books.  One day near Christmas his phone rang and there was a hesitant woman's voice on the other end.  Turns out she was the mother of a young boy who hates to read.  In spite of that and still hoping, she brought him one of my friend's books.  And he devoured it!!  When his mother asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he said he would love to meet the author.  So, his mother was calling to shyly invite my friend to their house. Awww.  It gets better: my friend said yes.  Brought tears to Ciwt's eyes.

2.  Callie and Tika's cat groomer called to say she was experiencing a Christmas miracle of sorts.  She has been renting a house for 22 years and it is home to her and many of the cats she rescues, socializes and places when she can.  For all those years as the price of real estate has skyrocked, what she would ever do if she lost the house and needed to move has been hanging over her.  We would talk about it often when she came to groom Callie and Tika. Just before Christmas the deceased owner's daughter called to offer her the house at a price at least $500,000 below the going rate.  The groomer had been ultra nice to her father in his old age- taking him on errands and such - and had also taken wonderful care of the house.  The daughter knew her father would want my groomer friend to have it so, in opposition to all advice from realtors, she made it happenn.  And the groomer was able to do it because her mother's estate had just settled.  Six months earlier it wouldn't have been possilbe.  Brought tears to Ciwt's eyes...

3.  What's the third heartwarmer?  Oh, that's right, the woman who has cleaned Ciwt's place for 30 years was given a huge amount of Chinese food by friends who own a restaurant.  Knowing she would never eat it all, she gathered her two adult children.  They heated and packed up the food, made hot coffee, put it in thermoses and drove to a place where homeless people congregate hoping to be hired for work.  They all stood in the cold and enjoyed the food together.  My friend said everyone was so happy, it was a party.  On Christmas Eve Day. Awww, tears again.

So goodbye advent kittens and good wishes to my author friend's reader, my groomer's cats and house, and my cleaning woman's homeless men and women, and to all a good night. 🌲

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