Sunday, December 17, 2017

Film Stars Mature Beautifully --- Day 6/300

Walk: AMC Kabuki
Distance: 1.8 miles, exercises and pedaling

Jamie Bell and Annette Bening in real life and in their movie

As a rule Ciwt doesn't go for May-December romance books or flicks, especially when the May is the man.  (Maybe she feels she's done something wrong because she doesn't have a boy toy lusting after her(?)).  She thought she'd feel squeamish watching Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool, but was pleasantly surprised that the relationship between May and December felt just right. 

This goes to the starring actors who played their roles perfectly with authenticity and dignity.  It's been a while since she's seen Annette Bening who has never failed in any role at any age since Ciwt first saw her almost 30 years ago.  And Jamie Bell is all grown up since Ciwt saw him in Billy Elliot - all grown up and a deep, mature actor.  In some ways the movie was up to him; he had to convey that the relationship was serious and real not some fawning starstruck thing - and he does just that.  Then there is 10 minutes with Vanessa Redgrave which is a small movie in itself.

The first half of Film Stars.. is excellent.  Then the story falls off a little, but the superb acting never dies. 

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