Thursday, December 21, 2017

Up, Down and Away on Solstice --- Day 6/304

Walk:  Just Stairs
Distance: Up/Down x 6, a little pedaling, a little exercising

Climbing Ciwt's stairs is a daunting proposition.  There are 60 up and 60 down.  So she counts herself lucky when anybody is willing to make the trek.  And she has a few special friends who don't bat an eyelash (at least in her presence).  One in particular (and her husband) came over instantly when Ciwt returned from the hospital. She helped Ciwt (who basically stood by) 'deconstruct' her home, taking things off table tops, disappearing rugs, making everything as obstacle free (and unhomey) as possible for Ciwt's safety.

So it was particularly fitting on this Winter Solstice that her friend marched up those stairs and helped Ciwt (who could be more active this time) 'reconstruct' her home by putting rugs back down and things back on table tops

And then marched right back down several times with the last medical vestiges of Ciwt's fall, put them in her car, and drove them far, far away for other people to use.

So, tomorrow Ciwt will be able to begin the new sun year with everything all homey again - and with appreciation for helpful friends 💖

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