Thursday, December 14, 2017

Can I help you...(out the door)? --- Day 6/297

Walk: PGCC
Distance:  Up/Down, maybe 2 blocks total, exercises, then major icing 

Here's a job you don't want to have right now: staff at Ciwt's club.  It's holiday time so there are club functions galore as well as multiple rentals by outside organizations giving their Huge annual luncheons.  On top of that, the club is being remodeled; there's intermittent clanging, banging and shaking and something has gone wrong with the heat and sometimes the electricity.

To use up her food minimum before the club closes for the annual three week winter break Ciwt made a second trip there in as many days.  She couldn't help but notice that the usually ultra friendly staff was barely able to force smiles.  Clearly they are living for the day the club closes and they can get away from all of us.  (Nothing personal; they've just had it.  And Ciwt totally gets it).

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