Saturday, June 9, 2018

Behind the (Etching) Lines --- Day 7/101

Walk: SFMOMA, Crown Point Press
Distance:  1 mile, yoga, pedal

Valerie Wade gives Ciwt's tour members a private view of Crown Point Press
Impromptu entry into the working areas of the famed and amazing Crown Point Press made Ciwt's tour today.  Three friends gave their other friend a Ciwt art tour for a birthday present. Ciwt took them through the Magritte show at SFMOMA and found them to be fun, interesting art lovers all.  So she asked if they'd like to go to Crown Point even though the Press doesn't give Saturday tours ever because of limited staff that day.

Sure! So off we went. After we'd been rung in, Ciwt noticed we were the only ones there, so she  asked if there was any possibility we might see the press areas shuffle, shuffle, hat in hand. 'Yes,' said the founding  business partner  (Ciwt had recognized) who took us back, showed us a little of the ropes and told interesting anecdotes about Crown Point's amazing and improbable 56 year and counting success story. 

Then on the way out of the building we happened to encounter a woman funbling with her keys as she balanced her lunch, so we opened the door for her.  And Her turned out to be the renowned visionary woman who opened a small printing studio near her apartment in Oakland and called it Crown Point Press. Kathan Brown.  The word quietly spread among artists and galleries of her equipment, talent, earnestness about the etching technique and process (little used since Rembrandt's time).  Then they began to show up and inquire about how to do this etching thing - Thiebaud was first, then Diebenkorn, John Cage and Kathan's/Crown Point's 'family' of artists grew.  It's by invitation only now, but it's intimate, intuitive work and the new artists also become family.

Ciwt's tour members walked away dazzled and stunned by all they had been privy to on Ciwt's tour.  And so did Ciwt actually.  Another great and unexpected example of what Ciwt thought might be possible - but wasn't sure was possible - when she began her little art tour business.  It's about dedication to and education about art and bringing it (more deeply) into her clients' lives.

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