Sunday, June 17, 2018

In Plain Sight - for some --- Day 7/109

Walk: No, Sunday rest
Distance: 0, small yoga

Pooh Waiting

So, Ciwt is not one who naturally concerns herself with facts and specifics. She chooses some; many she does not unless she has to.  She can't recall ever seeing a speck of dust on one of her friend's hardwood floors.  And, she has watched with awe as visiting friend spend an entire day squishing and rolling her clothes into the teeniest, flattest shape possible.  "Voila," her friend announced when done, pointing toward the extra space in her very small suitcase.  Ciwt is a pretty good packer (for a non-traveler) but, even with an instruction sheet, her little plastic bags would have bulged with remaining air or improper folding. To Ciwt, her friend has missed her true calling - as an engineer.

Ciwt's selective eye for details goes beyong (oops) typo's and applies to large things as well.  Sometimes people. Take the time a few years back when she went to see another visiting friend at the Huntington Hotel.  She couldn't dial her friend from the hotel phone because she'd glossed over her friend's room number. So she walked over to the desk where two desk clerks were assisting an older woman in a tweed skirt, silk blouse and shoulder length hair.

Ciwt assumed one of the clerks would turn to help Ciwt, but no, there was no interrupting their excited conversation with the tallish woman. It was going to be a wait. Ciwt's attention shot inward.  Her eyes were open but her focus was on her thoughts -  "Why don't they pay attention to me?"  "Are they ever going to stop talking to her?" "God, that woman has the huskiest voice." - for at least five minutes.

At last, Ciwt heard the clerks say, "Have a Lovely Evening. It is So Wonderful to have you back!"  Finally they would be free to help Ciwt. Ciwt's attention came back out.  It was only then she took in the fact that the husky voiced woman she'd been standing behind and listening to all that time was Lauren Bacall.

This is not an isolated happening; if Ciwt had had autograph book growing up, it would have been nearly empty. When she lived in DC she only noticed Senator Charles Percy because he lived two houses down; and Bobby Kennedy because even she couldn't miss those intense blue eyes.Walks in Hollywood or elsewhere where stars abound are lost on her;

Such can be the world of the intuitive or is it the introvert?  Maybe both, the details escape her...

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