Thursday, June 14, 2018

Not Even a Little Bit Country? --- Day 7/106

Walk: No, Marin Driving Day, Inverness x2
Distance: 0 essentially

So today Ciwt made not just one but two trips to a ruralish town where she used to go hiking a lot and actually had a rental apartment for a while.  She took a look at the available real estate in her 'price range.'  That didn't take long because there is virtually nothing on the market - ever, in anybody's price range - up there.  One house, cottage actually, was the quintessential country cottage with picket fences, raised beds for raising raisables at will, just enough flat lawn, old timey character but open to light.  Years ago Ciwt would have sold her soul to get her hands on this place - or at least try.  But, now she realizes things like she basically doesn't garden at all so doesn't need 10-12 raised beds, same pretty much goes for major yard maintenance.  Then there is the matter of what in the world she would do if something or she broke in that adorable 1930's built cottage.  On and on the current realities came.  Things change....

Plus she loves her stimulating, every day's a new day San Francisco life, and - hate to say it - would probably be bored to tears in that perfect 'getaway' country cottage.

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