Sunday, July 22, 2018

A Good Day for Loners --- Day 7/144

Walk: Presidio
Distance: 3 miles, Yoga

When she was young Sunday was Ciwt's most dreaded day.  There was the possibility of boring church, friends were often involved in traditional family meals (sometimes Ciwt's family too) so no one was around.  In the winter when dark set in the worst of Sunday began: school the next day loomed over her.  And then later, work.

But over the years - and post school and work -  Ciwt has come to treasure Sundays because they are completely undemanding.  A lot of public places - like museums, Crissy Field, Trader Joe's - are crowded so Ciwt gives herself full permission to stay in and feather her nest or go alone to a rich matinee or walk early in the quiet of morning or read.  It's a day just for her if she wants - guilt free.

She can also sense the enjoyment of other (temporary maybe) loners everywhere.  You New Yorkers with your Times, crossword puzzles and coffee, that means you too.

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