Friday, July 6, 2018

Calendar Those --- Day 7/128

Walk: Therapeia Massage and Hood 
Distance: 3 miles

So Ciwt had her annual massage today.  Massages feel so good (and necessary) she always vows to have them on a regular, like at least monthly, basis.  But you know how those vow things go..

It took her a while this time to locate a place for her massage.  Even in her hood there turned out to be special tub massages, group!? tub massages, body scrubs, massages with hot rocks and massages offered in Asian characters that seemed to make some mention of 'tricks' you might be up for.  Hmmm, wonder how long those last will be operating.

Finally Ciwt found the one on one, hands-on type she is used to.  It felt great, and she's definitely going to have massages on a regular basis from now on - perhaps in conjunction with her international trips....

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