Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Lost and Not --- Day 7/147

Walk:, Ceramic Artist Studio Visit
Distance: 2.5 miles, Yoga

Molten Bronze being poured into molds at Berkeley Artworks Foundry

Ciwt always feels lucky when she makes a successful trip to the East Bay - meaning a trip without getting lost.  Today "lost" had quite a different meaning, as in "lost wax."  It is an ancient casting process dating back to China about 200 BC.  Because the lost wax process is extremely accurate in recording details and produces works with great durability and longevity, it has been the choice of artists and architects (and dentists)  throughout the ages.  Rodin's foundries used the process and it is still very much alive right across the Bay in Berkeley.

It is also a complicated, multi-stage process that, try and read and think as she liked, Ciwt has always been pretty lost on understanding.  So it felt particularly fulfilling today to finally see the famous wax in the process of being lost and becoming a work of art and to have accomplished that without getting lost in the East Bay.

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