Friday, July 20, 2018

Real Freshness --- Day 7/142

Walk: AMC Kabuki (Eighth Grade)
Distance: 2 miles
Elsie Fisher as Kayla in Bo Burnham's Eighth Grade

There are many times watching a movie that Ciwt feels for the actor - scared, happy, sad - as they encounter some on screen experience.  But Ciwt can't remember the last time the psychic distance between herself and the actor was essentially zero. When Eighth Grade main character, eighth grader Kayla, had to handle a situation, Ciwt was right there trying to handle it for her, and, at the same time, trying to shelter Kayla from having to go through the situation at all.

Eighth Grade reminded her of the honest truth that virtually every situation faced by a middle schooler is a new experience with no answer except the one you cobble together in the anxious moment. And what you come up with might literally ruin your life if your peers - or you -  consider it uncool, unmasculine, dorky, pathetic. Or, you might handle it in a way that sets you on an important life path - but you don't discover that until years later.

As Kayla, Elsie Fisher's artless and superior acting is so present and alive you live every fresh moment with her.  And remember that prolonged eighth grade 'freshness' is something you never want to experience again.  It is the freshness of a train wreck coming at you - now with technology to factor in.

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