Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Fifties Bye, Bye --- Day 7/234

Walk:  AMC Kabuki (Wildlife) and errands
Distance: 4 miles, Pedal, wee yoga

Wildlife: The Mother, The Father, The Watching Son

So how did Ciwt take advantage of this perfect weather day?  By going to an indie of course.  And is she guilty or sorry?  Absolutely not!

Wildlife is all an indie should be - and more. Excellent screenplay from an excellent novel, beautifully shot and directed.  And then there is the outstanding acting. Carey Mulligan as the wife/mother may get an Academy Award nod, but all the actors and the characters they play are on her level.  Those would be Jake Gyllenhaal as the father/husband, Ed Oxenboule as the son and Bill Camp as the rich car dealership owner.  

Any director that can make Gyllenhall ordinary, unnoticable in a crowd must be a good one.  That would be the seasoned actor Paul Dano directing his first film (and co-adapting the screenplay from a Richard Ford book).  

If you like indies with uniformly glowing reviews (and an unfortunate trailer), go. And be very, very glad the 50's are a thing of the past.

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