Saturday, October 13, 2018

Man on the Moon --- Day 7/217

Walk: Vogue Theater (First Man)
Distance: 1.4 miles

Ciwt fought and respected the realism of First Man.  The movie was about an American heroic mission and an American hero, and both were presented in down to earth dailiness.  No dramatic music, no larger than life swaggerer, no technical breakthrough moments or suspenseful nailbiters.  In other words none of the usual fanfare that Ciwt had come to expect on the silver screen, and therein lies its strength.  It shows us what actual heroism is: real accomplishments done by real people living real lives.  

Until First Man gets to the moon.  Then it soars as movie making and should be seen if only for those Intimate minutes on the absolutely silent moon*.

*(Here the viewer must continue to ignore the melodramatic human interest story the director decided to attach to Armstrong.  Ciwt found it unnecessary and unbelievable, along with his portrayal of Aldrin).

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