Saturday, October 27, 2018

Happish Again - Days 230, 231

Walks: Hood, Lots of trips to Marin in Loaner Car
Distance:  Miles and Miles and some Yoga.  No Golf.

So, another good piece of car news that no one cares about except Ciwt.  Oh well, it is her CIWT.
You may remember (if she told you) last January her beloved 18 year old Audi A4 finally reached the point of being 'completely unhighway worthy."  So, since she couldn't drive from dealership to dealership to scout out new models, she picked out one on line, drove to the dealership and did the deed.

Her new car, being simply the newer version of her wonderful A4, would of course be nearly identical except newer.  That was her reasoning until she got home, drove into her garage and nearly totalled her 1/2 hour old car.  It was Much! bigger.  Longer and Wider, which she later learned Audi and all the reviewers considered a selling point.

Ciwt is omitting all the new news about the car being completely computerized and an utter mystery to her for months and, for many things, still.  (Along with many Audi mechanics she might add).  

Anyway, she learned that in the intervening 18 years, an Audi A3 had come into production.  Almost the same cost and most of the same features but smaller and zippier like her 💗👄💘old car.  So she actually considered just losing money and trading for it.  Until her mechanic and other mechanics she asked said No Way!!  Don't be stupid, (old lady).

Still Ciwt was secretly planning to make that move.  Until, luckily, mercifully, etc., etc.  she was given an A3 as a loaner while her Big new car was in the shop the other day.  Well, it is tinnier, tinier, (cramped actually), brittle, uncomfortable and not half as luxurious, smooth riding, comfortable and who knows what else as her new A4.  So, let the love begin....Sorry to doubt you, mechanics and nice new car.

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