Monday, October 22, 2018

You Watch, Still it is Unreal --- Day 7/226

Walk: AMC Van Ness (Free Solo)
Distance: 4 miles, small yoga

A doc that has the Tension and Focus yesterday's doc lacked.  In Spades!  Even the camera people are intensely anxious (one has his camera on a tripod and running but can't watch) as they film Free Solo.  You know the climber Alex Honnold is going to make his free solo (ie, without any ropes) climb up the face of El Capitan; not just by reading newspapers but because he is filmed alive at follow up interviews, presentations and book signings.  But, even knowing for sure, the camerawork is so skillfully intimate and exacting Ciwt was sweating each breath, each step, each handhold.  You will be too! 

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