Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Got Books? --- Day 9/51

Walk: No, Too hot
Distance: 0, Yoga

Ciwt is trying to recall what media person or program would have been talking books in the late 1970's.  That's when she and her partner owned a bookstore in a mountain ski resort.  Books were so unusual in that state and place at the time that some people would panic when they came through the door.  Ciwt wasn't sure what to do about that, and it was her partner who suggested greeting cards.  Sure enough.  As soon as a spinning rack of cards was installed, the 'book scared' happily darted right over to them - and added to the profits of the store.

For the 'book lovers,' it was harder to solve the problem that would ensue when there was a sudden run on a particular book.  People we were trying to entice actually called ahead or came in droves to secure the title.  It was great in some ways - clientele! - but difficult in others because a small bookstore can only afford to stock 'x' number of copies of one book - shelf space-wise and monetarily. Every book brought in is ordered sight unseen months ahead of time and a gamble.

What was going on on those book rush days?  Ciwt actually came up with the answer to this:  the now forgotten media person or program had featured that book that morning.  The fix wasn't easy.  Some people could be persuaded to special order the book, wait for its arrival and support their local (and only!) bookstore.  Others would lecture us owners having to 'serve locals' like their home - meaning big city/copious shelf space - store did.  One man actually sent his private pilot through the skies to his home store whenever these rushes happened and brought them immediately upon their personal arrival to show (humiliate) Ciwt and her partner.

From title to entitlement.  Oh well. 

Now what was the name of that program or star?

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