Friday, June 5, 2020

Lament --- Days 9/53 & 54

Walk: 1. Hood  2. No 
Distance: 1. 3.4, Yoga  2. 3 Blocks to garage and exercising her car, Yoga

For Ciwt every walk is an adventure.  Even the ones when she's forced herself to lace up her Asics and is traveling the same route she's walked countless times.  Very shortly after setting out something (a graden maybe) looks different or there's a new feeling in the air, or thoughts get triggered that haven't been before, and once again she feels like she's adventuring through and with the world.

Until recently, and here (after health) lies the main on-going stress of these virus times for her.  Now, because we need to be constantly wary, masked and and mindful when we walk, walking has become akin to going to the gym and doing those good-for-you but uninspiring reps.  Much as Ciwt tries to construct a sense of adventure, she can't get into it, and nd she often returns home a bit agitated and sometimes even relieved to just have the walk over.

This - exercise for the sake of exercise - is not the relationship she wants with walking.  It's no fun, and she misses the fun and the connection.  Deeply.  The freedom, the exploring, the exercising, the sense of "Hello, World!"

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