Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Home We Shelter In --- Day 9/63

Walk: No, Day off for books
Distance: 0 - just exercising eyes and brain, Yoga

Some people are happy turning their decorating (including bookshelves) over to professionals.  Not Ciwt. At this point, her home is her history, a sort of homage to herself.  Nothing is here that hasn't evolved into its right place - for her.

Unfortunately sheltering in place without her housekeeper Amy has brought Ciwt face to face with some of the wear and tear she's been able to overlook.  When she wasn't so eyeball to paint, appliances, fabrics around her home she could just occuply herself with her clothes closet capers.  The rest was stage setting. Now she sees there's lots that could be done to update some of that scenery.

Some might say all of it.  But that feels like disturbing a fabric that has taken years to weave into wholecloth. Where would she start?  Or does she start at all? Coming up with answers opens the door to larger questions like where is she in her life now? 

All of us are at home these days, and probably many who have lived in their homes for a long time are having similar thoughts.  Wonder what we'll decide.

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